Understand your data and how it’s used, add controls around data access and data privacy, and mitigate your data risk. All for free. For life.


  • Connection to your Snowflake Enterprise account
  • Automated data discovery & classification
  • Data usage analytics
  • Access governance (limited to 10 columns)
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Risk-based thresholds

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Simple, complete control over data.  

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Automatically discover and classify data.

Use ALTR's built-in integrations to automatically discover and classify data, and have ALTR monitor each time classified data is requested.

Visualize and understand data usage.

Easily see who your top users and roles are, and what data they’re accessing. Audit data usage to gain confidence in your governance policies and identify new areas where policy can be applied.

Create risk-based thresholds.

Limit when, where, and how much data can be accessed. Automatically block access to data when policy is violated. Send alerts via email, SMS, Slack, or to your enterprise SIEM platform for orchestration and response.

Control access and mask sensitive data.

Control access and dynamically mask data from the ALTR platform without writing any code. Policy created within ALTR can be easily viewed and audited by governance teams.

Easily, simply, and freely control and protect your sensitive data in Snowflake. See how easy it is to get started in our Quick Start Guide.


  • No credit card number required
  • No long-term commitment
  • No risk to your data