How to Easily Migrate and Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud

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About this eBook:

Consolidating your business data in cloud data warehouses is a smart move that unlocks unprecedented innovation and value. And while ETL migration technology partners simplify the data migration process to get companies their data analytics-ready in no time, the need for high levels of data protection and secure access can cause significant tradeoffs in data usability and sharing. This adds risk and complicates matters for analytics teams. 

Distributed enterprises need a thoughtful yet simpler approach to protecting sensitive data in the cloud that keeps information airtight and doesn’t slow down access and progress.

In this e-book we’ll cover

  • The biggest challenges in data migration
  • Key security considerations for planning your data migration
  • Tips for choosing a data migration partner and data security partner 
  • How to migrate data and secure it faster 


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