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We're here to help all types of data users get better control and protection over their data with our "data tech support squad". Application engineers, data engineers, data specialists and more can share thorny problems and find solutions from experts and the whole data ecosystem.

We’ll host heavy hitters in the industry to share quick how-to's, collaborate on how to solve real-world problems, get expert tips/tricks on applications we all use daily, and round up ideas for "getting it done."

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Michael Kravec

Solutions Engineer, ALTR

Ethan Newman

Applications Engineer, ALTR

Manage Data Access in Minutes with ALTR’s Snowflake Native App 

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Tuesday July 26, 2022 

12:00pm CT


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Jim Pan 

Senior Product Manager, Snowflake 

As part of a data and analytics engineering team, we know that you are often understaffed and overburdened, facing massive backlogs from your business. On top of this, if asked to set up data access policies, manage ongoing updates to data permissions and handle data access requests, you spend a large chunk of business hours on the task instead of your primary job. 

Months to Minutes: Reduce Time Spent Managing Data Access  

We want to show you how to automate policy enforcement, save time on access management, and focus on freeing data value. No coding is required. 

Join us on the next episode of the Data Squad and learn how ALTR’s new support for Snowflake native apps gives Snowflake DBAs and admins a simple, SQL-based interface to quickly scale data governance and security across multiple, disparate databases.  

How to use ALTR's Snowflake native app to automatically govern tables created by DBT

  • In this episode, we'll cover: 
  • How the Snowflake Native Apps Framework changes the game for developers
  • How developers can benefit from ALTR’s policy automation engine  
  • How to quickly and seamlessly connect ALTR’s policy automation engine to through Snowflake  
  • How to use ALTR to automatically govern tables created by DBT