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We're here to help all types of data users get better control and protection over their data with our "data tech support squad". Application engineers, data engineers, data specialists and more can share thorny problems and find solutions from experts and the whole data ecosystem.

We’ll host heavy hitters in the industry to share quick how-to's, collaborate on how to solve real-world problems, get expert tips/tricks on applications we all use daily, and round up ideas for "getting it done."

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Solutions Engineer, ALTR

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Is Your Cloud Migration Putting Sensitive Data Up for Grabs?

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Thursday May 5th, 2022 

12:00pm CT 


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John Bagnall

Product Manager, Matillion

Consolidating your business data in cloud data warehouses is a smart move that unlocks unprecedented innovation and value. And while ETL migration partners like Matillion simplify the data migration process to get companies their data analytics-ready in no time, the need for high levels of data protection and secure access can cause significant trade-offs in data usability and sharing. This adds risk and complicates matters for analytics teams.

Distributed enterprises need a thoughtful yet simpler approach to protecting sensitive data in the cloud that keeps information airtight and doesn’t slow down access and progress.

The Secret to Securely Migrating Your Data

During this episode of The Data Squad, we’ll discuss:

  • The biggest challenges in securing sensitive data during a cloud migration
  • The role of ETL in data governance
  • How tokenization can prevent access to sensitive data while migrating to the cloud or democratizing data for analysis
  • How to use ALTR and Matallion to protect sensitive fields, but also keep data useable