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Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst

Michele Goetz serves enterprise architects, chief data officers, and business analysts trying to navigate the complexities of data while running an insight-driven business. Her research covers artificial intelligence technologies and consultancies, semantic technology, data management strategy, data governance, and data integration.

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Companies across the board are moving data into cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, utilizing Matillion to migrate data, and generating insights with BI tools like Tableau and Thought- Spot. But, to get a full 360 view and full value, they must include sensitive and regulated data. And if they don’t protect it, they can’t use it. 

This document is a continuation from a recent webinar we did featuring Forrester Analyst Michele Goetz.  We asked her 5 questions that dig deeper into some of the topics we addressed, like:

  1. What are companies commonly missing when planning their cloud data migrations? Are they thinking about governance or skipping over it? 
  2. Does traditional “data governance” go far enough in the cloud? How do data stewards and teams need to adjust and scale to match the expanded ecosystem? 
  3. Data stewards can sometimes be “set up to fail.” What do they really need to be successful?
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Why you Have to Know, Control and Protect your Cloud Data From the Start 

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