Introduction to Data Security as a Service

Eliminating Risk to Accelerate Innovation

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About this White Paper:

The rate of data breaches is constantly increasing, making it clear that the current approach to data security isn’t working. Even with network and endpoint security, identity access, and encryption, cybercriminals are still getting access to what they want: the data. 

No one is questioning whether security is important, but what they should be asking is "what are we sacrificing to be secure and compliant?" Traditionally, security is an “aftermarket” add-on to applications and end up costing organizations time and money, ultimately preventing them from getting technology out the door. It doesn't have to be this way any longer. Data Security as a Service is a win-win for the entire organization. 

Download this Refcard to uncover the top security pitfalls that slow down the SDLC, along with a new approach to data security and compliance. Finally you can have powerful data security while the business gets quicker and cheaper releases, and developers get to innovate without the risk.  


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